Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things that caught my eye this week:

Mother Jones photo essay on consumerism and 2007 Bill McKibben essay on consumerism and patriotism.

A moving story of good will during the Great Depression.

John Feinstein on the EagleBank Bowl.

Any Sesame Street buffs? A new journalistic history.

FDR vs. Reagan

E.J. Dionne on the Jesus of Christmas

Jean Yarbrough reviews Joshua David Hawley, Theodore Roosevelt: Preacher of Righteousness

New York Times/BloggingHeadTV debate over Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to pray at the inaugural.

Should Obama appoint a “Secretary of Culture” to his cabinet? William Ferris thinks so.

Samuel Huntington, R.I.P.

The loss of maritime life for the Chesapeake Bay watermen.

A new history of the Great Books.

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