Recent Pew Poll: Presidential Preferences of Religious Voters

The most recent poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press has Barack Obama enjoying a 52% to 38% lead over John McCain among all registers voters.

As far as religious voters go:

John McCain is still trouncing Obama (67% to 24%) among white Evangelicals, but his lead is shrinking. (It was 74% to 18% a week or so ago).

Obama has his largest lead ever among white mainline Protestants (48% to 43%). This is only the second time since June that Obama has led among this demographic.

As might be expected, Obama is leading 94% to 2% among black Protestants.

Obama leads 49% to 41% among white non-hispanic Catholics. His lead in this area is down slightly from a week or so ago, but since September he has surged ahead of McCain in this category.

Obama also leads 66% to 24% among registered voters with no religious affiliation.

The real surprises so far have been Obama’s success among white Catholic voters and mainline Protestants. The latter group has always been a republican stronghold.