Freedom Village at Brandywine

This afteroon I did one of my Pennsylvania Commonwealth Speaker talks at Freedom Village at Brandywine, a retirement community in Coatesville, PA. As part of the Commonwealth Speakers program, I have been traveling around the state addressing the topic, “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation.” Once again, it was a lively and appreciative group who were eager to debate this topic. This was definitely the least contentious crowd I have encountered with this talk, but they did bombard me with questions.

Thanks to Alvin for his technical support and getting my powerpoint working and to Wilma, a retired economics professor, for inviting me to speak.

If you live in Pennsylvania and would like to host me for one of these talks, feel free to contact me or the Pennsylvania Humanities Council directly. I speak for about 40 minutes and allow a good twenty minutes for questions. If you do not live in Pennsylvania and might be interested in me coming for this talk, feel free to contact me directly.