Sunday at Ocean City Presbyterian Church

This morning I spoke at the morning service at the Ocean City (NJ) Presbyterian Church. It was unlike any other “book talk” I have given for The Way of Improvement Leads Home so far. Actually, it was not a book talk at all–I preached the morning sermon. My title: “God’s Call and Our Ambitions.” The congregation was gracious about having an historian in their pulpit and I had the opportunity to take some of the rust off of my divinity school training.

I ran into several friends and acquaintances who were in attendance, including Pete W., the best man in my sister’s wedding; Margeaux, a Messiah College student; and Kang, a professor from Westminster College who I had met through the Lilly Fellows Program at Valparaiso. I, of course, met several people who have friends, sons, daughters, grandaughters, grandsons, nephews, and neices who attended or have attended Messiah.

2 thoughts on “Sunday at Ocean City Presbyterian Church

  1. Wow, didn’t know you were a preacher and a historian! And divinity school training–that’s impressive. That is certainly interesting, preaching through the life (or a part of it) of Fithian. I wonder what Philip would think–hearing a sermon preached about his life. Interesting thought.


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