Williamsburg and Nomini Bound

I will be blogging this weekend (if I find the time) from Williamsburg, VA. On Saturday, after settling in at the colonial capital, I will be heading over to the Northern Neck to do a lecture and book signing at the Northumberland County Historical Society. This is only a few miles from the site of Nomini Hall, the plantation of Robert Carter III. If you remember, Fithian spent a year there (1773-1774) teaching Carter’s children. The original Nomini Hall burned down, but it was replaced with a new house in 1850. At some point the poplar-lined lane leading up to the house was named “Fithians Lane.”

After the lecture, we will be a few days in Williamsburg. Our goal is to find this guy:
According to the Williamsburg website, his name is Kevin Ernst and he plays (or has played) Philip Vickers Fithian. Kevin, if you are out there please get in touch with me through this blog. I hope we can meet!

One thought on “Williamsburg and Nomini Bound

  1. All of these posts about the ordinary in Fithian’s life are just wonderful–and with pictures too! Best wishes for the book signing, and I hope you find Kevin!


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