American Revolutionary Roundtable of Philadelphia

I had a great time tonight speaking about The Way of Improvement Leads Home at the American Revolutionary Roundtable of Philadelphia (ARRTOP). I enjoyed an excellent filet mignon at Brittingham’s Irish Pub and met several members of the Roundtable, including two local women with a real passion for American history who were first time visitors to the group. Following dinner I spoke to a crowd of maybe 30-40 people. We had a few technical problems with the Powerpoint, but I managed to talk through the difficulties and boom my voice over the background noise from the bar in the next room. It was also nice , of course, to sell some books.

John Nagy, the president and program director of the ARRTOP, has put together a great group of American Revolution officianados (check out Nagy’s new book on Revolutionary War mutinies, Rebellion in the Ranks) and has secured a solid slate of upcoming speakers.

I am home now, but will be returning to the Philadelphia area (and probably fighting Jersey shore traffic along the way) on Saturday morning to speak to the local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.